One-year Programs

Topical Workshops

“As Build continues to research the few remarkable companies that grow consistently…we are seeing one common, dominant theme emerge: a focus on talent. The most successful organizations tend to appreciate, invest in, and value their employees.” – Inc., December, 2013.


ow much do you invest to detect, develop, and deploy talent?

Effective people development systems should cause change–change in the way people think and improvement in the way people do things. It is virtually impossible to affect meaningful change with one-size-fits-all, drive-by trainings.

So we have engineered unique training solutions targeted for small business owners, managers, supervisors, and key employees. What is different?

A one-year program that becomes a progressive, self-reinforcing breath of fresh corporate air. Twelve two-hour workshops that everyone will talk about and look forward to. Why?

Our Interactive, multi-media workshops use case studies, exercises, games, and role-playing to reinforce learning and make it FUN!

Furthermore, we take the time to understand your business’s unique needs and tailor the presentations to meet your specific objectives.

And we offer standalone or add-in workshops to strengthen a particular area for your team.

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