Steve will develop a specific speech for your group or tailor one of the speeches listed here according to your specs.

Steve’s style is to use humor and his personality to engage the audience. He has the unique ability to connect with people and will draw them into the presentation. The keynote address will entertain, inspire and motivate, but will also include real-world, usable advice for your group.

See below for samples of Steve’s work.

“You are a great (and FUN) moderator. If the CPA business gets too boring you should be a TV talk show host.”

See Steve in action!

Feedback from the panelists and organizers:

“It did work out really well in my opinion and I certainly felt comfortable with everyone involved and how the synergism was natural.” – Panelist Del Harris

“Team…(I mean that literally)…Thank you for a great experience. I really enjoyed participating with you and am flattered and humbled to be included in this company!  In IBM, we have a practice of ‘Decide, Rehearse, Execute.’ We followed the practice and I was proud to be part of the team.“– Panelist Walter Merrill

 “I learned several new things and words from both Walter and Del, a privilege for me…Finally your preparation; the flow of questions made us old guys look much smarter than we are. “– Panelist Tom Slone

“I cannot thank you enough.  This is year 4 for coming to these meetings, and this event was clearly the best. I stayed afterwards until about 6:15, and the ‘buzz’ was still in the air. What made me feel best is knowing that the success of the program was not accidental. We had the right people in the right roles. And we prepared diligently led by Steve’s great thoughts. The way all came together was a metaphor for good teamwork.” – Mal Bass, Member and Producer for the event

“Thank you to all of you and to each of you for a job well done at this week’s North Dallas Chamber of Commerce’s 1st Tuesday Connections program.  We are still hearing the buzz and getting positive feedback on this program.” –Paul Maynard, North Dallas Chamber of Commerce, Director, Events & Relationship Management

“You were confident, yet not arrogant, humorous and engaging with the audience!”

“I didn’t even go to college here, but you made me want to join the Alumni Association!”

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